World’s Most Expensive Cities

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So, you’ve cash to burn and have a penchant to splurge it all on residential property – which cities would drain your wallet faster? In 2015, Knight Frank’s famed wealth report examined how many square metres a paltry $1 million would buy you across the World – this is what they found:

10. Los Angeles, US. $1 million in LA will buy you just 57 square metres of property on average.

9. Paris, France. $1 million buys you a cool 50 square metres of property.

8. Shanghai, China. $1m buys 48 square metres of property in this premium Chinese city.

7. Sydney, Australia. Home of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, $1 million buys $1m buys 41 square metres of property.

6. Geneva, Switzerland. $1 million buys 39 square metres of property in Switzerland’s second most populous city.

5. Singapore. $1 million buys you just 39 metres square of property.

4. New York, US. 34 metres square of property will set you back $1 million.

3. London, UK. $1 million will buy you 21 square metres of property in the UK’s capital city.

2. Hong Kong. $1 million will buy you 20 square metres of property.

1. Monaco. Unsurprisingly, this beautiful area tops the list of the most expensive places to live in the World. Covering an area of 2.02 square km, it is the second most densely populated country and $1 million will buy you a measly 17 square metres of property.

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