5 Pet Owner Money Saving Hacks

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Pets don’t come cheap but for many people, they couldn’t live without their pets. All the food, toys, treats and accessories means it all adds up pretty quickly.

So we have put together a few tips and hacks to help you become more thrifty without compromising the quality of life for your favourite animals. Of course, it goes without saving that you should always check in with your vet before changing your pet food or if you notice any behavioural changes in your best friends.

1. DIY Pet Treats

Pet treats are often quite expensive and add up over time. There are many simple recipes for pet treats on the internet that will help you save money. You will have peace of mind as you will know exactly what is going into the treats, whilst also saving money to boot!

2. Buy in Bulk

It is usually cheaper to buy in bulk than to buy in smaller packs. If you can, try buying your pet food in larger quantities as the amount you pay per kg should significantly decrease. Looking online is the easiest way to compare prices – remember to include shipping when comparing the prices between all the different kinds of food.

3. Remove pet hair with rubber gloves

There are lots of products on the market to help remove pet hair from your home furnishings. However there is no need to buy a fancy vacuum cleaner or the latest lint roller to help you deal with all the hair your pet sheds. All you need is a pair of rubber gloves and a bowl of water!

Put on your rubber gloves and put your hands in the bowl of water. Rub your hands over your sofa or furniture and the fur should lift and stick to your gloves. Put your hands back in the bowl of water and the pet fur should unstick and float on the top of the water. You can then gather it easily and throw it away. Simple!

4. Use Pet Sitters

When you go away on holiday, kennels can be very expensive. Some pets also get upset at having to stay away from their home and territory. Instead, see if a neighbor or friend could petsit for you instead. You can always repay the favour with your time, for example helping them out with their gardening in the future.

If you do not have a neighbor or friend who can help you out, consider a pet sitter. These are often cheaper than kennels and will also allow your pet to stay at home on their own turf.

5. Pet Insurance

Many people don’t bother with pet insurance as the premiums can be very high. However this often turns out to be a false economy as your pet could end up with expensive medical treatment in the future which would negate any savings you would have made had you not taken out the insurance in the first place.

The standard advice here applies – compare prices between pet insurers as the premiums will vary wildly. It is also worth re-checking your premium every year to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

So there you have it – our top five tips for pet owners to help you save money. Have you got a tip to help other pet owners save money? If yes, please leave a comment in the section below – we would love to hear your top pet money-saving hacks!